Wireless Robotics Workshop

A robot that does not need any sort of programming or complex circuit to build, This is a complete beginner robot, anyone can do this without much knowledge about electronics, all you need is right components and right placement of these components. This is a simplest Wireless robot without a need for microcontroller, this can be made with readily available components . No need to solder your electronics components and its cheap to do.

Workshop Highlights

Introduction to Robotics

Basics of Electronics

Introduction to Mechanical structure design

Robot Locomotion System and Anatomy

Motors and Controlling Circuit

Introduction to Transducer

Working of IR Sensor

Working of Sound Sensor

Assembling the DIY kit Wireless Remote Control Kit

What is Wireless Technology

Line Following Robot Algorithms

Wall Following Robot Algorithm

Sound Operated Robot Algorithm

Light Searching Robot Algorithm

LIVE Projects Covered

IR based Wireless Controlled Robot

Black Line Follower

White Line Follower

Light Searching Robot

Photophobic Robot

Phototropic Robot.

Sound Operated Robot.

Start on Clap.

Stop on Clap